Planner Customization

Please note that there are significant changes from last year. 

Just for a little background on me - I teach ESL online and write for a living. Together, these two pursuits are a fulltime job (and then some!). Sparkle Pop Paper has helped me to support myself financially while I launched my writing career. I appreciate all of the support from educators over these last few years, both by purchasing planners and sharing with your friends and family.
As my writing career has continued to grow, it requires an increasing commitment of time and energy. Therefore, I am scaling back on planners. I am excited to still offer a limited selection of planners this year.
When you check out the website, things will look a little different. I will be offering only teacher planners in the monthly and weekly styles, with one interior font style. There will be one cover option. Teachers may choose from the following school system calendars: Columbia County, Richmond County, or generic. If you would like your planner unbound so that you can put it in another notebook, please just include that in the order notes.
I recognize that this is a huge change from last year, and I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please note that prices have been adjusted both to account for the reduced customization options and current printing costs.
I appreciate all of your support through the last eight years, and I look forward to helping you find the right planner for this year!